General Business

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Class Syllabus

Unit 1: Career Planning Interest SurveysExplore Careers
- Sample Block Style LetterFull Block LetterSample Block LetterAnother Example
- Chosen Career Letter Assignment

The Job Application!

Sample Cover Letters
Cover Letter Help Site

Head here to start your resume. Get tips and look at examples of great resumes!Resume Page!
The Job Interview! - AssignmentJob Interview Videos:The Interview GuysWhat are your weaknesses?Interview Dos and Don'tsJob Interview TipsWhy should I hire you?Top 10 Interview Questions
Prepare for your job interview questions!
The Thank You Letter - ExamplesExample 1Example 2
Career Unit Assessment
Customer Service VideosGive them the pickle!Johnny the BaggerThe Fred FactorService RecoveryThe Wendy Story
Customer Service Project

Supply and Demand
Country Economy Project

Decade - Business Cycle Project

Chapter 4 - Business EthicsCorporate Policies Research Project

Study Guide - Semester 1

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